Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cool Windy Day

Yesterday was an impromptu day. The kids both slept in until 8:15, how weird is that? So we started the day slow eating breakfast while watching Sid the Science Kid. We decided we needed a couple flowers in my flower pot finally, so we called up Aunt Aunnee to see if she could meet us at a nursery that's about half way in between our homes. She and Cousin Amanda were having a slow start to the day too. Annee met us there and the kids loved running around the grounds (especially in the puddles) and also seeing the peacock, ducks and playground.

I finished the day how I always do, checking on my sleeping kids and giving them one last kiss for the day. When I went into Reese's room, she stirred and asked me to rock her. I did, I can never pass up a sleepy cuddly rock. She said a few things to me, and then looked at me with her sleepy eyes and said "You take care of me.". Yes I do, Peanut Pie. Then she smiled and dozed off to sleep. A nice way to end the day.

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