Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm New Here

For several years I've been reading blogs online. My bookmarks of them seem to increase daily. The main blogs I frequent are about sewing, photography, cooking, and scrapbooking written by people I've never or will ever actually speak to. I also love to visit ones that are written by moms that I know that blog about the daily events of their family. I feel that I actually know what's going on in their lives when our lives get too busy to have 5 minutes to pick up a phone and actually have a conversation with them.

I've dabbled with the idea of writing my own blog to let my mind spill it's guts and perhaps be a bit therapeutic, but have held off mostly because I feel like I have no time to do anything, let alone have yet another reason to sit here in front of the computer and ignore my family. Getting to my point, my friend told me "Do it!" (those of you who know her, can hear her saying that). She said it's a great way to keep track and document our lives, and will make my scrapbooking life easier when I actually get the chance and I don't have to do it every day.

So, there. My friend talked me into it and therefor I will either A) be thanking her in a few years when I scrapbook my albums and can look back at what I've recorded or 2) be cursing her name when I am painstakingly editing photos to make them perfect for posting.

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