Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainy Day.

Growing up I loved rainy days because in our house rainy days meant cookie baking. Now, I assume every time it rained did not mean we'd make cookies, but my distorted childhood memories makes me think we did. So now, here I am as a mommy and every time it rains, I just want to make cookies. Lucky for my family, I love cookies, so even the slightest raindrop is an urge to bake. I was going to whip up a batch of those yummy Snickerdoodles, but alas, I did not have all the ingredients, and because of the constant rain, I was not about to pack up my little one, drive to the store, walk in the rain to get one ingredient. So, I got out my Big Fat Cookie cookbook and skimmed the pages for a recipe for something I could make. I found a chocolate - chocolate chip one, but I only had just enough chips to melt, not to have actual chips in them. But, I did have on hand white chips, so I thought they'd do.

Melting chocolate always perplexes me. I have a really nice double boiler my mom bought me for a wedding shower gift but I have never liked it. It's too big. Most of the time when I melt chocolate, it's usually for dipping purposes, and I can't imagine the amount of chocolate you need to melt in that pot to make it deep enough to dip. So, I use this method:

I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but this is a tiny pot. It holds about a cup. I couldn't resist this pot, it was a pair, the other one has a happy home at my mom's. Then I put a little glass bowl on the top and voila.

Here's my little helper for today:

And my eager taste tester:

And the finished product:

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