Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Photos.

We are so lucky in that we have a real actual photographer in the family that takes time to try and get photos of my kids. So infrequently do we get pictures of the adults, so once a year we try our best to get a family picture. It's a daunting task really. To ask 4 people to stay still and look at the camera long enough to get the perfect picture is challenging. Here's an example of of some of the craziness we endure:

But with a little bribery we get a couple good shots. To think what this would be like before digital is beyond me, do you know how many shot were actually fired before we got "keepers"? 205. Yep, that's right, 205. That would have been 8 rolls of film.

Oh, what I've found for bribing kids...
Smarties work best, they are one bite, they dissolve quickly, and don't leave any evidence on the teeth. Yes, I've thought this out. Back in the day, when Owen was 2, we used grapes. Oh, how far gone those days are.

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  1. I know I couldn't have stopped at 204!
    Happy Franken-photo-ing! :)