Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa's Lap.

I am honestly grateful that my children have never really had a big problem with "the big man". It's not that they are ecstatic to sit on his lap, Reese seems to be hesitant, and Owen is ALL business when he talks with Santa, it's very serious business, you know, making sure to speak clearly so Santa can hear EXACTLY what you want him to bring you. But, neither one of them have cried at Santa and that makes me happy. It's weird the magical effect he has. Reese is very cautious when strangers talk or sometimes even look at her, so it's weird that she will actually sit and talk to Santa.

Here they are in 2008:

And 2009:


Owen very carefully telling Santa that he would like
the Luke Skywalker action figure in his Cloud City outfit.

Reese trying to pronounce ice skates. Blue ones.

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