Tuesday, January 18, 2011


About this time three years ago we were awaiting our little girl's birth. We went in for a routine check and found out that she was breech. So, we after coming to a compromise with the OB department (my Dr. is a family practice), we decided that we would do a version (manually flipping her) at 38 weeks. So, that meant that I had 2 weeks to try and get her to flip on her own. I researched things to do that probably have no scientific proof that they actually worked, but I would try it anyway because I wanted this little girl to come out of me the same path her brother took.

We went swimming at Niner's pool, went to a chiropractor 4 times, went to an acupuncture place, and other various things. Now, I've never been to get acupuncture before, and after my experience never will again. I relaxed for about 20 minutes with a few needles in my legs and that was no biggie. What made me not ever want to go again is the last part, when the lady seemed to take a hammer and spike a thumb tack in each of my pinkie toes and then GO HOME WITH THEM IN MY TOES!!!! I kid you not, I couldn't even walk on the way out of there. And the lady told me to keep them in for 12 hours and have my husband apply pressure to them throughout the night! Needless to say as soon as I got home, I went into the bathroom and pulled them out.
Well, two weeks passed and she did not do a somersault on her own, so the version was going to take place. Everyone, including my Dr., was so nervous for me. I guess the horror stories that so many people have heard made everyone astonished that I wanted to try it. First I was given some meds to make my mild contractions stop (the ones I've been having since about 18 weeks) and then my Dr. came up to be with us. Then there was the OB, his nurse, and 2 med students in there to observe. I wonder if they were looking for a show, because they really didn't get one. They did an ultrasound to make sure she was still breech, lubed me up, told me to relax and then grabbed her head with one hand and her butt with the other, turned her and crammed her head down in my pelvic region. It lasted about 20 seconds and the worst it felt was when your brother gave you a snake bite on your arm.
So in other words, my dear sweet daughter has always wanted to do things her way.

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