Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Day.

Saturday morning brunch at our house. The food was yummy, the guests were welcomed, and the birthday girl was loved. Thank you so much to all that joined in celebrating Reese's wonderful day!

Have I mentioned that Reese loves blue? She requested a blue cake. I made cupcakes. So, I decided to make her a personal cake. I used my BFF's old family recipe for a delish chocolate cake. Instead of using the chocolate whipping cream frosting, I omitted the cocoa and added a little vanilla and blue. I made some almond bark letters, found blue Sixletts, and used Reese's Loli Doll cake topper.. 


Every birthday my kids get a special birthday hat/crown to wear and they both love it and will wear it all day. I love to decorate these for the kids and think it's so cute, but I've found a little problem with them...

 Do you see it? Oh, it drives me bananas...the crown slides down and 
makes their ears bend down. I know, it's petty, but it drives me crazy.

Here's some of the love that was given:

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  1. How ADORABLE Kindra! So Happy to have found your BLOG:)