Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thoughts (by me, not Jack Handy)

Today is a day of things I've seen, witnessed, giggled at, 
or thought of this week...

We had another family over on Valentine's for heart shaped pizza. While sitting eating and chatting, we heard Owen say to his 8 year old friend "I have a lot of skin".
WHAT!? We couldn't stop laughing. I wonder how many times our friends have laughed at that this week.


I saw a bumper sticker today that read:
I drive like a Cullen
If you don't know what that means, don't ask, because you won't giggle like I did.


Owen called Mike a dumb poop the other night. Testing limits to see how we react.


Mike and the kids made a snowman that partly melted away and was partly beaten down by a destructive almost 6 year old.


I like dessert/salad size plates. Nobody really knows this because I've never really succumbed to the temptations of buying the ones I like, but today I did. I found these babies on clearance for $3. I couldn't resist.


My mom who lives 7 miles from me and my BFF who lives about 1,750 from me are both in Hawaii and they probably won't see each other as they are on different islands. Bummer.


I've lost my voice this week due to a cold and it makes me miss my mother-in-law. Whenever I've lost it in the past she'd always make me yell "I'm too stupid to live!" I always sounded just like Rebecca from the show Cheers when I said her line. 

It's at 3:36

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