Saturday, April 2, 2011

42" Tall and 6 Years Old.

Needless to say from the title, Owen did not get the tall genes from my grandpa passed along to him. Both my brother and I were on the small size growing up, but became average height somewhere along the line, so I'm not too troubled about his small stature. But, he IS finally big enough to ride some of the bigger rides (not just the kiddie ones) at the "Mall of the 'Mericas". So, we got the free pass for his birthday and was there at opening time. First he did a ride that he was familiar with (nice and easy).

What's funny is that this is Reese's 3rd time on this ride, but the first time
the 2 of them road together.
It's a little oval track that goes in a circle,
but whips you around the corner, seriously whips you.
I know from experience; I've been on it many times.

Then we passed another one, a big thing that goes around in circles WAY up into the air, Mike went on this one with him to reassure him, being his first time.

He seemed pretty happy when he got off, but he wasn't expecting the ride to
go so fast around or so high up.
Up next was $12 dollars to spend at the Lego store from getting
cards from Auntie Sue-Sue, and Nani that day.

I was really impressed with him. He would find something he liked, then asked how much it was. He found something he likes for $11.99 and put it back, then we found something else that he was really excited about, it was $10, he put it back. Then he found a key chain (Boba Fett) that he loved. He asked me how much it was, it was $5. As soon as 5 escaped my mouth, he replied with "that leaves me with 7". WHAT!? How did he know that?! Utterly amazed with him every day. So then, he hunted around for something else he could get with his $7. I've raised quite the shopper.

Then it was onto the swings with mom. Never done this ride before either.
Why do all the rides seem to go in circles?
(excuse me while I grab my stomach I left behind at the starting point).

In these pictures, we can obviously see where Daddy is with the camera, trying frantically to get a shot, because not only does this ride go in circles, but it's really surprisingly fast.
After the swings, he headed for a BIG roller coaster. When he got off, he wasn't smiling when he told me what the ride did. We asked him if it was fun "Yes". Then we followed up by asking if he wanted to ride it again.... "NO!" Hmmm, might not be going on that ride for a while again.

We had lunch with Nani at Kokomo's.
Check out the candle they brought out in the ice cream!
Reese has been talking about it ever since and has proclaimed that she wants
to go there for her next birthday so she can have one.

Now is what Owen has been waiting for all day. He's been on the Log Ride numerous times, probably the first time when he was about 3. Normally we don't give in to those pictures they take on rides, but his first time on this ride, his face was too priceless, so we bought the print.

I found a great place to take shots coming down the big hill, and knowing this, Mike laid it on pretty thick. Didn't know he was such a goofball for pictures except for last 4th of July. So here they are, Owen a little apprehensive after all the talking about it.

Mike said at the top of the hill Owen said "Daddy, hold me....hold me tighter."

It was a great day at the MOA. The next day we had his first "kid" party that was great too!

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  1. Love it Kindra! I love the pictures of you being's good to see you haven't changed:) Your husband looks like Bruce Willis...that's a good thing and your kids are just too much!