Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Creative.

Now it's no surprise to me that my kids don't go rushing to eat their veggies, I was and still am not a huge fan of veggies. But, as my parents told me I would, I eat them because I know they're good for me and I want to be a good example for my kids. (geese, I can't stand it when my parents were right). Anywho, we strive to make sure to get our kiddos to eat veggies and sometimes we have to be what we call them. We have for a long time been making "Apple Pie Squash", aka: acorn squash with apples and brown sugar. We most recently came across a recipe for making roasted carrots, but if we say, "Kids, we're having roasted carrots!", they'll probably go running for the hills. So, after we prepared them the first time and saw what they looked like we named them "Carrot Fries" and they literally GOBBLE THEM UP! They are sooo simple to make:

Peel a bunch of carrots and cut the ends off (you'll want a bunch because they do shrink up when cooking).
Then stack them neatly on your cutting board to notice how pretty they are:

Then cut into approximately the same size (fry size) and take another picture:

Put them on a pan and add about 2 TBS melted butter, 
sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste:

The above picture looks a little off because when my cold carrots hit the melted butter, the butter got chilled so it grabbed onto the carrots.

Wrap your pan up tight with aluminum foil and pop in a preheated 425 oven for 15 minutes. 
Take out, uncover and stir. Put back into the oven UNCOVERED for another 15.
Stir, put back in UNCOVERED for another 15 and voila!

See how they're kinda burnt? That's the best part - the part my kids go for right away. 
The natural sugars in the carrots caramelize just a little and taste yummy. 
My kids also like them with ketchup.

If you don't wield a knife like an expert chef, try this:

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