Monday, May 16, 2011

Catch Up.

My Mother's day started out with my 6 year old in my face saying "Happy Mother's Day" with a huge grin plastered across his face. He had his gift he made at school in his hand. No matter what day it is, I love waking to that smile.
This is what my family got me for mom's day, isn't it a beauty?

We had one hot day. One. We partied like rock stars. Sadly, that means we played outside all day and then after dinner, we played in the sprinkler with a couple neighbor friends.

The picture right above is Reese and her friend Joe. You know you have a good friend when he doesn't bat an eye to wash off your bum that got dirty from landing in the mud at the bottom of a slide.

My flowers finally came out and then it hailed the next day and half of them got ruined. Then it rained for days and days and days. Not to mention a 50 degree drop in temps. Ahhh, spring is here.

Reese and I watched a bear walk home from the bus. He must've been moving fast as I couldn't get a picture in focus.

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