Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Gang's All Here.

We have several neighbors that we are so lucky to have. Most of them have kids about our kids' ages and they all play nicely together. This weekend a couple of us met up at a parade in the next town over. You know the main reason kids like parades right? Candy. Man, did this parade have TONS of it. The reason I go, to watch my kids and to get them to take pictures with as many parade participants as possible.

Here they are waiting for it to start, bags in hands.

Now, Reese has always been fine with taking pictures with clowns. Owen hasn't really wanted to, but hasn't had a huge problem with it. But, Owen's best friend, Ryan is another story. In the past years he pretty much hides from them when he sees them. But, maybe seeing his friends, and little Reese go up to them gave him some courage.
Because look at him now!

Do you think he's giving a thumbs up to assure himself or let his mom know he's okay?

This one is my favorite. He was a very nice clown.
Notice how he got low down by Reese and then they all crouched down,
that makes me giggle.

Now, did you notice what is in the background? Here, I'll blow it up for you....

We did NOT get pictures with those guys.

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