Sunday, June 5, 2011


It has arrived. It's been hiding for all of May, but patience has paid off because it's beautifully perfect out and is going to be like this for the next week (or so the meteorologists say).

An update on Owen and his fever. On Thursday night it spiked again to 104. So we brought him into the Dr on Friday morning and get this, he has Mono! Mono! How crazy is that. Every adult keeps asking him who he's been kissing and he doesn't quite understand. Apparently it's much more common in kids his age than people know, it just goes undiagnosed. Symptoms include fatigue, lose of appetite, body aches (he had a headache for days) and fever are the signs that Owen had. The Dr. did a quick blood draw and there is was. We were told that he can be active and play as long as he feels up to it. So, just keep your lips away from him and don't share his drink.

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