Monday, September 5, 2011

For Nani.

When reading all the books when you have a baby, we tried some of the things and disregarded some too. One thing we did do was to try as hard as we could to have a bedtime routine from the get go. With Reese it was to make shhh-ing noises up the stairs, rock and sing, then put to bed (for naps). Then eventually it turns into book time, rocking and singing and now book then signing while rubbing her back. Since she was brought home, I've been singing the same song "Good Night, Sweetheart".

My mom, Nani, on the other hand has been singing her own song. I've asked her about it in the last year because Reese has asked Mike or I to sing "Nani's Song". We  have no idea what it was and when I've asked my mom, she hasn't really been forthcoming to the name of the song, just that Mary from Peter, Paul, and Mary sang it.

Well, while we were up north, Nani put Reese down and I stayed to listen so I could find the song....
I searched for the song, listening to samples from the computer and finally found it, and bought it. I played it for Reese and I had no idea that she knew it.


Don't watch it in full screen, it gets badly distorted.
The song was originally written by John Denver (his 3rd song he ever wrote)
It's called For Baby (For Bobbie)

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