Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Random.

Today my son decided to pretty much throw a fit about his outfit. Most of the time, I let him pick out his outfit and today I did, but what he decided on was really bad. He purposefully tries to not be "matchy-matchy" and most of the time it's not bad. Well, today it was bad and for some reason, today I decided to battle it and we butted heads about it. So, my poor guy started off his day with grumpy. I hope it goes away by the time he has his spelling test AND math test today.

Peanut and I came home after dropping off at school and she went right downstairs to herself.  So, I'm taking this time to quick get a blog out there in cyber space and maybe even get in a shower.

We went apple picking a few weekends ago on a beautiful Saturday:

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