Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well, it's begun. The have and have-nots. Owen has really started to notice the things he has and doesn't have. "Mom, EVERYONE has Sketchers"
"Dad, why don't I have Spirit Wear, I'm the only one who doesn't"
Oh, good grief, you know that not EVERYONE has Sketchers and he's not the only one who doesn't have Spirit Wear. Oh, what to do.

I grew up not having everything handed to me, and I knew I didn't. I feel like I'm a better person because of it and am very thankful and appreciative for everything I do have. But I remember feeling that I didn't have everything I wanted...and being jealous of others.

As a parent you never want to have your child feel left out, but it's also our responsibility as a parent to teach our children hard work and the value of things and to be happy for what we've got.

Recently Owen ruined a pair of shoes (he wore them for under 2 months). Some of the rubber on the toe wore and then he proceed to rip it off and then the canvas of the shoe was flapping on the bottom rubber portion of the shoe. They were not inexpensive shoes (although I don't think you can find cheap shoes anymore). Since he wrecked them on purpose, I really had a hard time buying him new ones...that HE wanted....Sketchers. I'm sorry, I think I'm the only mom on the planet who cannot stand the look of them. We had the talk...
"Owen I am not going to spend $50 on shoes that I don't like especially if you're just going to wreck them."

Anyway, tying to teach a 1st grader to take care of his things is starting to sink in, since he didn't get the shoes that he picked out.

Have you read the Dr. Seuss book called Sneetches? I grew up reading it and it was always my favorite. I feel like it has a timeless story about being you and not worrying about bout the have and have-nots.

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