Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Funny.

This edition of Friday Funny needs a little back story, not too much, just a touch.
One day, my mother-in-law before she was legally that, was standing on the kitchen side of the counter, while my sweet nephew who was about 3 years old was sitting on the stool on the other side doing some sort of activity while I sat next to him.
Isn't he cute?

So, at the counter....

A little gas escapes Sandra and she made a silly face, steps in place a couple times and states:
"oh! I stepped on a duck."
Benji gets down from his stool, goes around the other side of the counter where his grandmas was, looks around the floor and with the utmost certainty in his voice looks at her and says,
"No you didn't. You faaaarrrrrted."
Plain as day without laughing, just stating the facts. It stuck us as so funny, from about that day on, when gas is let loose, someone has obviously stepped on a duck.

Fast forward about 16 years, the other day as I am down at Reese's level, drying off her hands, a big loud toot escapes her little tiny body. I look at her and asked if she stepped on a duck. And being just like her big cousin (who is now 19 btw) plainly states:
"The duck must be stuck up in my butt. He must be really tiny."
HA! Out of the mouths of babes, you gotta love every inch of their sass because it makes things like that so worth it!

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