Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Track & Field 2012

Tuesday was our first ever track and field at school. Owen didn't seem to really have any idea what was going to happen in the month leading up to it. We had to explain it and ask him questions about his events. There were three categories and each student picked one from each. In the running events, Owen did the 500 yard dash. Now, I'm no expert on the subject, but I don't consider anything over 200 yards as a dash.  My advice to him was to just keep running and try and keep up with the kid in front of you. It worked and at the end when that kid was 2 feet in front of him, he gave one more boost and leaned his head in. I didn't tell him that, was that a natural instinct?

In the field events he chose the Hoppity Hop. You may be wondering what exactly is that, as was I. You know those big giant bouncy balls with the handle? I remember loving to bounce on them as a kid. Well, that's pretty much it. He had to bounce 50 yards in his lane. He was smiles ALL 50 YARDS of it!

The last of the categories were the individual events. He chose the shoe kick. 
Do you blame him? 
Common, what 7 year old boy would not only love to kick his shoe off as hard as he could, but in a competition as well?!

There was also the much anticipated tug-of-war. Each of the 5 classrooms battled it out against each other. It was double elimination, Owen's class was not the winner, I think they placed 3rd.

It was a perfectly beautiful morning with big smiles and hearts all around. 
Owen did awesome in his events and cheering and congratulating his peers!

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