Monday, August 20, 2012

3.5 Spectators Per Racer.

This past Saturday was Owen's long awaited Triathlon at Lake Ann. 1100 children were there who helped raise over $500,000 for kids with cancer were geared up and ready to race at 8:30 am in the 58 degree morning.


We left him with his group for the procession down to the stage to listen for 5 minutes and be introduced to the MiracleKids that were well enough to attend that day.

There was a LONG wait for Owen's group as the youngest ages go last. They waited for over an hour being entertained by the DJ on stage with singing and dancing. That made it possible for me to make it down to the beach for Owen's cousin, Emily who was in the girls 15 racers, to start the swim portion.

He was lead down the path to the beach with his group, anxiously awaiting the swim.

He said that the swim was the toughest.
 "It was a little scary because I am not used to swimming in the lake water".
 Looks like next year we'll have to practice in the lake more than the pool. 
He got right in and swam his 100 yards with great accuracy and concentration. 
He got out with a huge smile ready to run to the transition area to get on his bike.

Owen's gear was parked in isle 55, which was written on his hand so he wouldn't forget. Along with the writing on his hand, he had a 7 on his bicep for his age group and on his leg he had the name of the child he was racing for. The other leg was optional for another person he was racing for. I had no idea about his until he and his 2 cousin racers posed for a picture who all adorned their grandma's nickname who died of caner 2 1/2 years ago.

There were numerous times I had tears falling out of my eyes, this was the first of the day.
Owen probably enjoyed the 3 miles bike portion most, but it was hard to tell, because whenever we saw him he was all smiles.

His 1/2 mile run portion went really quickly. Auntie Anne got pictures of him down by the beach approaching the finish line, where we were waiting for him.

My heart just about burst out of my chest as he completed his race.

Here are the cousins, Amanda age 11 and Emily age 15 and Owen age 7 with their race metals. Reese really wants to participate, but she has to wait 3 years, Emily, do you think you can fib and do it when you're 18 so that you can all do it together?

Owen you are so amazing, I hope you inspire others to race with you next year for kids that can't because they are busy fighting their fight.


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