Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree.

This year the weekend after Thanksgiving is just like every weekend after Thanksgiving....tree cutting time. This year, our friends joined us. In October we tagged our trees and so they've been waiting for us for a month to bring them home.

Owen was a stinker when it came to pictures this year, didn't smile in them. So he will have to look at the 2012 frame ornament on our tree with him not smiling for the rest of his life. Do you think that will change his actions next year, probably not, but I like to pour on guilt where I can (I'm sure years of therapy will fix that for him.).

Oh, except for when he was with Laila...Have you met Laila? 
She's kind of a big deal in our house.

 Here the kids are all bundled up on the tractor ride out to the tree field.

Reese "helping" Big Daddy.

Reese and Leo "helping" Rog with the tree.

The Mamas.

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