Thursday, June 17, 2010


What is it with poop? Why do kids think it's sooo gosh darn funny to say? We call it "poopie talk" in our house and it's not okay ( it's just plain bad manners). Because it's not okay is that why he feels the need to say it more, and to get his sweet little sister to say it? It's not funny when he says it, but some days, I have to hold back the laughter when he get Reese to say it, because it is really quite funny when her little voice says "poop".

Most of the time we count when Owen says it. If he gets 3 "poopie talks" in one day, he doesn't get a book at nap (if they're all before lunch) or at night if it's though out the day.

Well, today, I think he spent them all for about a month. I was working on finishing up a project that has taken me WAY too long (I'll share some other time) and he was being my "assistant" which apparently meant sitting next to me and singing poop over and over again. I went with the ignoring him route today. Didn't even look up at him. He went on for about 2 minutes...poop, poop, poop, poop, then he changed it up a bit, poopie, poopie, poopie, poopie. I began to think it wasn't about him enjoying saying the word, but looking for a reaction out of me. Then 2 minutes later, he takes a trip to the bathroom, when he comes out he proclaims as proud as a blue-breasted peacock,

"I had 2 poops the size of houses! What do you think of that?"

I think I know why he's been crabby the last few days and talking about poop so much.

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