Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cookie Monster.

I don't just like cookies, I pretty much love them. I'll tell you about some of the cookies in my life:

  • Chocolate chip is my easy go to cookie, I also keep dough balls in my freezer and bake just a few at a time so I can always have them warm, because let's be frank, warm melty chocolate chip cookies are the best.
  • My grandma's Gingersnap has a special place in my heart and I love to make them in the fall. Excellent dipped in coffee; and if you'd like to get them into the bottom 1/3 of your mug, instead of shaping them into the standard ball shape to bake, make them into log shapes, then they're long enough to dunk. Although, doing this will make your husband and your 14 year old son giggle and comment that it looks like Mr. Hanky. These cookies were always kept in a plastic bag inside a Folgers metal coffee can in her basement freezer. So, naturally I love them frozen.
  • Peanut Butter Blossoms (if they aren't dried out) are on the top for me. But I think they have one major flaw. You want a little chocolate with each bite of cookie, the the standard Kiss generally topples and you end up popping the Kiss in your mouth on bite 2 when you still have 3 more bites of cookie. But, I've figured out this conundrum....chocolate wafers! They work famously!
  •  Now, I just made some awesome Snickerdoodles for the first time, and they go down pretty smooth. I think I'll be revisiting those pretty darn soon.
  • I'm not huge into cutout cookies on the count of they take too much work decorating, and honestly, they don't make my taste buds dance like some others, but I've made a few for my kids' birthdays this year:

A very anticipated time in our house is Girl Scout Delivery day. We order about 15 boxes and stuff them into our freezer. My absolute favorites are the Tagalongs. They have the cookie bottom, peanut butter cream and it's all covered in chocolate. Yum-O. I sadly ate the last one about 2 weeks ago and counted how many months it would be until my mouth can delight in the taste of those again. But, when I got back from the store and was putting the bread in the freezer, I had to rearrange some things, and low and behold, a box of Tagalongs was hiding behind a box of Grandma's Chicken Wild Rice soup!!! Oh, sweet cookies, come to mama!

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