Friday, August 20, 2010


Growing up, 10 was just about the best thing. Instead of high 5, high 10 was better. 10/10 on a spelling test was perfect, scoring at the Olympics, generally a 10 was the highest point. Then as a teenager, you hear of being a "perfect 10". You know what it means, you're beautiful, smart, and funny. Now, I've never given much thought as to where I score, but I've always thought of my self as about average. So, you can imagine how I felt when my son told me I was a 10....
Here's the one-sided conversation:
"Mom, 100 is the best. Ryan is a 100, cause he's just great.
You and Daddy are a 10. That's good too."
Do you think he put in that last part to make me feel better? Hmmm. Never thought being called a 10 would make me feel disappointed.

Here they are, Owen and his best friend, Ryan.

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