Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2.

It is the funniest thing that how much Owen talks ALL day long, how little he has to say about school. He's had 2 years of preschool and it was the same there, I have to squeeze information out of him. I've learned though, that I can't ask such a huge question like "how was it?" I have to ask more specific things like "Did you read any books? Did you do calendar? Did you play any games? Do you remember any of the kids' names?" Specifics. Throughout the day he did offer up some information, but not a lot. He did tell me this morning that he likes Kindergarten and wants to go back, so that's a good thing. Here is some of the information that he shared...
  • Favorite part of the day: the bus ride home. He sat with a neighbor boy.
  • "Mrs. Schrupp had to talk a lot today, but tomorrow we'll do more activities"
  •  had a lot of circle time
  •  read a book about school
  • "If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we get to go on the playground"
  •  took a school tour
  • "I brought home a lot of stuff for you"
  • "I didn't have a job today, but probably will tomorrow"
  •  there wasn't a clean up song
  • "The first 2 minutes I was a little scared, but then I got used to things"

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