Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sand Pedi.

On vacation this year, there were many good memories.One of my favorites was the day we took the pontoon out. Every year we go to the same spot that we just happened to find the first year we came up here. It is a little inlet in the lake, with shallow water that you can walk out pretty far. It has a small beach and it pretty much protected from waves and people. Reese loved playing in the wet sand. Mike and I were sitting on the blanket enjoying watching the kids frolic. Reese started to rub my feet with sand, I mean really taking time and massaging my feet with it. I sat up and told her it felt really nice. She told me lay down and take a nap and she continued to rub. Then she got the watering can and rinsed them off. Then she went on to Mike and started rubbing sand on his feet. He said something to me. Reese stopped what she was doing, looked up and said "Shhh. No talking." A minute or two passed and I sat up to watch her and said something to Mike. Reese responded with "I said no talking. Lay down and nap, Mommy." Still makes me giggle thinking of her concentrating so hard. I kind of expected her to end with
"No soup for you!"

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