Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 + 2 = Exhausted.

This past weekend we were blessed to have 2 house guests, Emily 13, and Amanda 10. The next two cousins up in our family. The weekend started with 2 of our old neighbor's daughters getting dropped off at 7:30 (they were out of daycare that day). I loaded 4 kids in the car to get Owen and the oldest to school by 8:25. Then had Reese and the 4 year old home. After naps, I loaded the 3 kids (Owen, Reese, and our friend) into the car, drove 20 minutes to pick up my 10-year old niece off the bus and load the weekend stuff into my car. Then we headed to the Middle School to pick up the 13-year old niece from an after school event. Drove 20 minutes back, and dropped off our little friend. Whew, I'm tired already. Have I mentioned I'm not driving my little tiny car anymore?

Saturday morning Owen has skating lessons and so the girls and I met Mike and Owen there for open skate after wards. They brought their own skates and we rented some for Reese, who has been seriously BEGGING for weeks to go skating.

The kids played Poo-Kah, Legos, watched Tinkerbelle, made and decorated cookies, and played hard. We brought them home exhausted on Sunday afternoon just in time to meet up with the oldest cousin so she could give them dinner while they awaited their parents' return.

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