Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011.

 We went to the patch on a cold day, it was sunny, but not the warmest day we've been to than patch before. Previously that week in Owen's class they had read a book about pumpkins. After the book was done, the teacher asked the class to share anything interesting or new they learned in the book. Some kids talked about the seeds, other's about the color stages of the pumpkins. Not my son, nope, here is what he said,

"I learned that pumpkin carving can be fun."
His teacher questioned him about it. Then he followed up with,
"My dad thinks it's a time waster."

Hmmmm, must be all the years Owen has requested to have 
Darth Maul carved into his pumpkin.

 I love it when I can hand my camera to a stranger and get a decent picture!

We started a new rule last year with can bring it home if you can carry it to the wagon.

This one didn't make it off the ground:

This is the one that's on our doorstep:

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