Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So 11 years ago when my sweetheart and I got married, we had originally planned on getting married on a beach, so I wanted a very bling-less dress. I've kept it though the years, unwashed (red wine on it) and in a regular old disposable garment bag in our basement. I knew that some day I would dye it to dress up as a princess with my daughter. But when we got invited to an 80s birthday party this month (costumes mandatory), my dress did not become a princess dress:

Madonna Like a Virgin album and random 80s guy with really bad hair.
We also had a Halloween party on the 29th of this month
and these were the costumes we wore. 

My son, who loves Star Wars like any good 6 year old does, requested a Luke Skywalker costume this year. And I could not convince my brilliantly tenacious daughter to go with his theme, requested to be a butterfly.

Here's most of the gang meeting to bombard the houses
in the neighborhood in one big gang:

Knowing how much my husband son loves Star Wars, Mike and I whipped up different costumes in 48 hours to go trick or treating with our kids:

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