Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last summer Mike started a new endeavor, triathlons. After his second race, Owen asked Big Daddy if HE could do a tri. We knew of one in our area, but the minimum age is 7. So now that Owen is 7, he signed up for his very first triathlon.

But it's not any triathlon, it's run by a foundation called Miracles for Mitch. The family that stared this foundation went to the same church and is friends with Owen's cousins' family. This a foundation geared to help children with cancer. Their son died at age 12 knowing that his dad promised to always help other kids like him.

We go onto the website and sign up for the Triathlon. A couple days later Owen receives his race packet in the mail and fundraiser information. Along with this information he received a card. This card is like a baseball card, but with a child of cancer instead of a athlete. Owen will be racing for Hunter, who cannot because race he is fighting a brain tumor.   All the money that Owen raises, goes 100% to his family to help with the costs of his treatment. I read this information to Owen and had to turn away with tears streaming down my face, because just like my son, this boy who is fighting cancer, is also 7 years old.

I grew up going to a school where we had to do a lot of fundraising. I had the speech down and did it many times during the year to help pay for things the school needed. I never wanted my kids to have to do that or to make our family and friends feel like they needed to give, so please don't feel pressure in anyway to give, but if everyone just gave $10, it would make a difference in this family's life. If you are interested go here, or click the button to the left to go directly to Owen's page to donate online. This is the 9th year the triathlon has been a way to help kids and it's gotten so big, it's now in two locations. Owen will be at Lake Ann on August 18th. We'd love to see you out on race day to experience the joy and energy these kids bring to the day. And if you are a kid and would love to join Owen in this experience, he'd love to see you there!

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