Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Boy is 8.

We celebrated very early this year because we were not going to be in town for his actual birthday. It seems that his birthday will always land during Spring Break (like mine always did for Thanksgiving Break). We decided to travel 25 days before we were leaving, so we quick whipped up his family birthday party.


He wanted a doughnut cake, because he doesn't really like "normal" cakes. So then it occurred to me that neither of my kids have tried Angel Food cake. I made up a batch of cupcakes for them to try and they loved them. So, I make an Angel Food cake with lemon glaze, topped with doughnut holes, eight of them.

One of his gifts was Battle Ship. Do you have memories of playing that game? It's a classic. Owen and his only boy cousin, Benji, played it right away...

Reese is always excited to give Owen things, so his birthday is an extra exciting day. We read though several cards, and she picked one that was very sweet and loving.

He also had a couple buddies sleep over, go to a trampoline place, and movie night (Spy Kids). In the middle of the night, Owen came into our room saying that he couldn't sleep, that he's been up all night and wanted to sleep in his bed instead of with his friends in the basement. I wonder how old he will be when he spends the whole night down there?

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