Friday, March 22, 2013

Will It Ever End?

Depending on who you are and your outlook on life, you would take the title of this post to mean one thing, while I on the other hand, am thinking something else. It you are most of the population where I reside, you may wonder if Old Man Winter will ever leave this 
God for saken place. (the answer is no). 
For me, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of hockey season. Owen is only in Mites 3 and we have been going to the rink both Saturday and Sundays since late October. In March is the end of it all - you may wonder how it all ends. It ends with 2 weeks of hockey 5 days a week and then the Mite Jamboree which is 4 games in one weekend. Owen loved every minute and didn't complain once. The last game he got to play goalie (they each get a turn).  I as a mother, think it's horrible, just watching makes me nervous...and then there's the flying pucks....

At Owen's school for Music class, they don't do a whole grade or school performance at the end of the year. They do something they call a Music Informance. Each class does a performance on the small stage in the music room and the parents all get to sit close. It's really neat.  The class first came in and sat with their teacher and sang Do a Dear from The Sound of Music.

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