Sunday, August 18, 2013

His Second Tri

Owen completed his second Miracle for Mitch Triathlon this weekend. This year he did it with 1140 other kids between the ages of 7-17. All of the kids get organized into their appropriate group and head down to the stage for some introductions and some celebrating of why these kids all gathered here.

As you look into the crowd of all the racers in the audience with their swim caps on imagine if your child was too sick to swim, or bike, or run. The children sitting on the stage are the reason all the racers are here. The kids on stage have all fought or are currently fighting childhood caner. Our friend, Body (5), is there on stage waiting to introduce himself to the crowd.

 Like last year, Owen joined his 2 cousins for the race. Each racer was racing for a child who couldn't (on their left leg) and then in memory of their grandma (Niners, on their right). Many children raced for strangers, a brother or sister, cousin, and a few raced for themselves (they were healthy enough to race). As we look to the stage and listen to many stories of lives these kids have helped and of children who have passes, I don't think there was a dry eye there. These 1100 children together raised over $670,000 to help MN families who have a child fighting cancer. All of the money goes to the families. EVERY CENT.

Owen's least favorite part in all of this is the swimming portion. He is an excellent swimmer, but he doesn't like the fact that he can't see in the lake water (spoiled pool boy). Other kids are all around him, splashing water and kicking up sand. So, he does the breast stroke the whole 100 yards. Reese snuck in to give him one more last encouraging hug before his group headed down to the beach.

His favorite is the 3 mile bike ride.

Sadly, we did not get him on the run portion this year, he was just too dang fast, and with over 3,000 spectators watching, it's a little hard to run all over the park to get him. We did get him coming up the stage after the finish line to receive his metal.

Owen did reach his goal for his fundraising this year. If you were a part of that, a big thank you. Since he hit the $1000 level, he also got another special big metal. If you wanna see it, ask him about it.

10 years ago, a little boy died knowing that his parents promised to continue to help other kids that are sick like him. 10 years ago, cousin Emily (on the right), started racing for kids that can't. Owen hopes to do this for another 8 years, along with anyone who wants to join him.

If you would like any information at all about the Miracles for Mitch Foundation
please ask us, we'd love to share in the awesomeness with you.

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