Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Memories.

I grew up camping. Loved it. Can't imagine my childhood without it. We drove and camped along the way from MN to MT. Not sure if this was the trip, but one time we had to leave our tent to go to the nearby hospital to wait out the tornado that came through town. We came back to the campground and our tent was still standing - not many were.

I've always known I wanted to bring my family camping when I had one, but now that I do and I'm the mom, it's a little daunting. The preparation of everything seems overwhelming and not very relaxing. But this year, we finally did it. We borrow a friend's tent and we were off. We went to a campground not too far away in case the weather was bad and we needed to come home in a hurry. We also invited along Mike's sister and her family for more fun. We planned out meals to make and hoped we didn't forget anything. We ended up having beautiful weather and tons of fun.

Having a lake at the campground was a big pull for us - everyone caught a fish (Em even MADE her own pole and caught some) And Reese can't get enough of the beach and sand.

Sitting around the fire is always fun:

Amanda and Owen took a hike in the woods to explore and we went Geo cashing for the first time too.

When Amanda was keeping Reese company at the beach, she did a little of this:

Kids loved the park because there was lot of this:

And there was lots of all around goofiness:

We had such a great time, we purchased our very own tent and are planning for next year.

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