Friday, June 25, 2010

Zoo Trip.

We haven't been to the zoo in quite a May it's crazy busy there with all the end of the year school field trips. We planned to meet my friend, Angela there about two weeks ago. We all got there about 9:30 am with clouds looming in the sky. We spent about 2 hours outside enjoying the animals. Most of the animals were active when we were there, so that was great to see. This trip I could really see Reese become aware of the animals, it's so neat to see that.

The prairie dogs were especially fun to see, they are so busy and a couple came right up to the glass and seemed to want to play with the kids. They just loved it. I've always loved prairie dogs (even though I put them in the rodent department). I have pictures of me feeding them in the wild on a trip to Montana when I was young.

We also got to go into the butterfly garden, we've never done that before. I'm not sure if the kids thought it was special to see butterflies flying around, I didn't hear many oohs and ahhs.

We got sprinkled on a little while on the Minnesota Trail, but not much. 

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