Friday, July 16, 2010


When I feel that I want to make something, I can't stop at just one thing. Currently I am working on 3 projects, and am thinking of another. I am still struggling with getting these doors onto the cabinet I made 2 months ago. The hinges are just not working out the way I need them too...they're off. Things aren't lining up just right and it really frustrates me. I look at it at least once a day and try to figure out how to adjust them just so. I'm also doing the final touches to the shelf for Reese's room. It's been so hot and muggy that painting it is just not a fast process.

I am also working on a sewing project. Every time I sew I think of my grandmother. She taught me to sew and I am now using her sewing machine. Here are Polaroid pictures of me in an outfit she made on her new machine.

Notice the pink silky material? A little girl's dream come true (at least mine).


Yep, I was about 4. So, if you do the math, I am sewing on a 30 year old machine. I think it's on it's last leg, I'm always wondering if this will be the last time I can use it. Here's a peek at the material I'm'll have to wait and see what it turns into.

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